Portfolio Category: Ski and snowboard trainers

Pietro Borgogno

Ski Instructor since 2007;
Specialization: ski trainer II° Lev. Stf since 2009;
Languages: Italian , French and English;
Favorite sports: soccer and ski;
Virtue: precision;
Vice:long hair...
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Davide Boschi

Snowboard instructor since 2011;
Languages: Italian and English;
Specialization: free ride and nordic walking;
Favorite sports: volleyball and snowboard;
Virtue: kindness;
Vice: absent-minded ...
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Luca Caregnato

Date of birth: 20/10/1962 Ski Master: since 1984 Languages spoken: Italian and English Favorite Sports: Ski and Football A good thing: it's a good person A defect: it's a person too good...
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